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Over 150 Successful Extinguishments WORLDWIDE
Williams Fire & Hazard Control.

SENTRY POWDER EXTINGUISHERS are designed for protection of light and ordinary hazards. These extinguishers are suited for both industrial and commercial fire protection needs.

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SENTRY Powder Hand Portable Extinguishers

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  • Washable and reusable
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable
  • Extremely durable
  • Resists penetration by a wide range of chemicals

 Protection You Can Wear
Chmeical Splash fabric provides liquid splash protection to selected chemicals without sacrificing comfort. This fabric allows the body to breathe, reducing heat stress and improving productivity. Seam-sealed products give uniform liquid penetration resistance. When exposed to an unexpected splash, the garment will keep the liquid from contacting the wearer. The garment does not provide protection from vapors. The wearer should evacuate the area and go immediately to an emergency shower.

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Chemical protection from jet sprays and/or saturation sprays of a wide range of Acid, Solvent and Oganic Chemicals.

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MICROGARD Physical Properties Comparison Chart

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Heat Resistant Type 4 Chemical Protective Suit

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Microgard® Product Selection Guide

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